_Where did everybody go
when he ripped my body apart
and took my soul with him? Where did everybody go
when the only vocabulary I
knew was uttered in curses?

Where did everybody go
when they destroyed my mind
with filth and perversion?

Where did everybody go
when the sparkle in my eyes
turned to black holes?

Where did everybody go
when I was left outside?

Where did everybody go
when I had to kill my baby
because I could not feed another mouth?

How do you expect me to grasp
and understand the Word of GOD
if my stomach is being ripped apart with hunger?

How are you going to help me
if you do not know where I live?

How can you even begin to understand
where I am coming from
if you do not have the time to listen to my story?

How am I supposed to listen to you
when my circumstances are drowning me?

“Poverty is a curse and a sign of disobedience!”
preach it my brother, as you say, “it is the Word of GOD,”
Don’t forget to add, “what you have done unto the least of Me,
you have also done unto Me.” That also is the Word of GOD!

You tell me to pray!


What do I say to a GOD that is so far removed from my mind
and my heart because I have no idea how to relate to Him
let alone trust and have faith in him?

“Choose life” you say!

Whatever I touch turns to mud!
Whoever I touch ends up hating me!
Whenever I try to protect they run from me!

My tears have filled rivers;
My pain as tormenting and violent as the currents;
My soul but an empty space!

(In honour to all the hurting souls who allowed us the honour of being part of their lives!)

Stephanie Frerk

7/22/2012 06:22:28 pm

these are some operation that is Handel by our army but in that type of operation soldiers got some injuries so this is very good blog


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