__Today was one of those days! Not enough hours in the day! Not enough energy and not enough money! So much to do so little time and resources. I never had time to cook so we stopped of at the local fish and chips shop. I waited in the car whilst hubby went and did the honours. Hoping for a minutes peace I looked up and there in front of me was an old lady pushing a miniature shopping trolley. She stops and puts her hand deep into her pockets to fish for what appeared to be a hand full of change. Looking at her my thoughts do their normal wondering and I realise – this must be someone’s mother – what is she doing walking around this late in the day and no one with her? – She should not be alone. She walks up to my car window and stands for a few minutes then picks up the courage and asks me for R1.00 In her hand she was holding R4.00 “I want to buy something,” was the answer to my question, when I asked what she wanted to do with R5.00 “I want to buy a cooldrink.” There is no way she would be able to buy a cooldrink with R5.00 so I gave her the change I had in my bag.If only I had enough to pack her up and take her home. If only I had enough to keep her and teach her what it would be like to be surrounded by people who care. How many more of them are out there? GOD in heaven, comfort them, in JESUS Name.

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