__ You can rip my heart out;
You can ignore me;
You can humiliate me with your lack of love;
You can insult me with your neglect;
You can bruise my ego; You can humour me;
You can cut down to the very core of me with your looks of disgust;
You can challenge me with your aggression;
You can keep turning your back on me in bed;
You can seek the attention of other women;
You can even go out of your way to please them;
You can treat my children with contempt while keeping a smile on your face;
You think I’m blind, and insult my intelligence;
You claim to love me but do not know how to;

You do not know me!
If you did you would never have underestimated me.
You can do all these things but you cannot touch my spirit!
I am a woman created by GOD!
Even though my heart, mind and body may pay the price of being your wife,
you will never own me.

My GOD already holds the ownership;
HE has already paid the price!

By Stephanie Frerk

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