_ I cried all day because I felt sad

Sad because felt pain.

A pain that hurt me so bad, it even felt like a needle piercing through my heart

I cried all day because I had dreams;

dreams that you came and shattered into little pieces like a glass falling of a table.

I cried all day because I thought you hated me

Hated me for all the wrong reasons,

reasons that were not even there but seemed like excuses for you to dislike me.

I sit here right now and wonder to myself, why me, what have I ever done to you

But I also sit here and think to myself that you won’t make me feel sad anymore

You won’t make me feel pain again, you won’t break my heart;

I will put the pieces back together and live my dreams

I won’t worry about what you think about me, because what you think doesn’t matter,

It’s what I think of myself.

I cried all day, but now I have a smile on my face,

Not because of you, but because I felt a comforting hug that made me feel better.

I felt a comforting hug from GOD ALMIGHTY that lasts forever!

Natasha Maunatlala

Grade 8F

Dawnview High School

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